Kyle Watson - Resume

About Me

I am a software engineer from the UK living in the Netherlands. During my career I have worked with several technologies on a wide range of projects for different companies and events. I am an advocate of FOSS and online privacy; I enjoy working with 3D CGI, I dabble in game development and electronic music production.
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A screenshot of a jet engine on the SamsonCORE platform

Lead 3D Developer

SamsonVT / Manchester, UK
18-05-2020 – 30-04-2021

Full stack development working on a robust AWS techstack to implement a Virtual Twin platform.
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Junior Software Engineer

WoodWing / Zaandam, NL
01-02-2019 – 01-06-2019

This was my first fulltime experience in the industry, working on enterprise asset management software. It is where I learnt most of my core skills and technologies, including TDD, paired-programming and Typescript.
A poster created for the midterm presentation on the group work at M2Mobi

Development Intern

M2Mobi / Amsterdam, NL
20-09-2018 – 20-01-2019

We worked as a student team on an in-house native android app for reserving meeting rooms in the office. Integration with GSuite, Google Calendars, Firebase.
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Software Engineering Bsc (Hons)

University of Salford / Manchester, UK
2016 – 2020

I graduated with a first class bachelors of science degree in July and during my time at the University I had the opportunity to grow my skills, knowledge and interest in the world of computer science. I also had the opportunity to attended many tech events and competitions as a way to further my abilities.
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Mobile Development

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam
2018 – 2019

While working on my final project, which earned me a 10/10 grade, I grew to love working with Java, Kotlin and the Android platform. This was also the year that I studied abroad, learning a lot about Dutch culture and gaining independence. This was also the time in which I did my placement abroad.