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AWS Summit NL 2023

03 June, 2023 | Meetups

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the AWS Summit in Amsterdam. After a 3-year absence, this day was fully packed with thousands of attendees. This was the largest conference that I've attended in my career yet, and the content/quality of the presentations did not disappoint.

Sytac DevJam November Frontend Meetup

26 November, 2022 | Meetups

Last night I visited the Sytac Dev Hub to listen to two talks by Sytac consultants. It was expected to be a small event as only 10 people had RSVP'd but only the host, the two speakers, one audience member and I showed up (probably because the world cup was on at the same time). It was a nice experience anyhow as I got to have a proper chat with everyone there.

AWS Community Day NL

14 November, 2022 | Meetups

On the 3rd of October I attended AWS Community Day NL 2022 hosted in Amersfoort. This gathering consisted of a day of conference talks separated into tracks, a keynote and chat with Dr. Werner Vogels, as well as an AWS Game day which I did not attend. Here are my thoughts on the talks.

JavaScript Meetup

05 November, 2022 | Meetups

On the 27th of October 2022 I attended a Frontend Developer Meetup in Amsterdam. The night consisted of 4 talks and some networking, organised by Passionate People and hosted in the ING office space. These are my takeaways from the night.

React Special JavaScript Meetup

14 November, 2022 | Meetups

After a good experience at the JavaScript meetup organised by Passionate People previously, I was excited to check out the next one that they were advertising: the React special. While React-based talks aren't always directly useful for my professional work in Angular, it can still be interesting to learn from more general ideas and techniques that can be applied to other frameworks. Not to mention, I use React in personal projects as well.

AWS User Group Netherlands - 5th year anniversary meetup

09 November, 2022 | Meetups

Yesterday evening I attended the AWS UG NL 5th year anniversary meetup in Amsterdam. The night consisted of 4 talks and some delicious pizza and beer, hosted in the same place where the first meetup was organised back on November 8th, 2017: the Xebia office space. This is my overview of the night.