Kyle Watson - Experience


I was brought on as the second in-house developer to build the platform. As I had background in 3D graphics from hobbyist game development I was a natural fit to lead the development for the 3D capabilities and featureset.

My proudest achievements were building a custom LOD system to allow rendering of thousands of parts from complex CAD models, and my work on GPU optimisations: SamsonVT Blog

Roles and responsibilites included:

  • Managing the 3D artist team and content
  • Teaching people about 3D concepts and techniques
  • Developing content creation workflow and review processes
  • Full stack development
  • Creation and maintenance of:
    • Restful APIs
    • Responsive UI components
    • WebGL 3D Visualisation
    • Infrastructure as code
    • AWS Serverless CI/CD

Technologies used:

  • Typescript/NodeJS
  • React/Gatsby
  • ThreeJS/react-three-fiber
  • AWS/DynamoDB/S3/Lambda
  • Serverless/Cloudformation/Route53/Cloudfront/SES


Full stack development working with UX and support teams to develop enterprise CMS software. This placement role helped me develop my core skills with working on production code.

Roles and responsibilites included:

  • Using test-driven development and fixing bugs found in QA
  • Refactoring outdated code to the newer standard developed within the company
  • Implementing new features through pair programming and other team-oriented practices

Technologies used:

  • Typescript
  • AngularJS
  • Java
  • Spring
  • ElasticSearch
  • Kotlin