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I write code and it is absolutely gorgeous!

I am a full stack developer, passionate about clean and test-driven code. I have skills in TypeScript, Node.js, Angular, React, and AWS. I can implement UI designs, create REST APIs and develop CI/CD pipelines.

Experience with

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Screenshot of the WoodWing Studio application

An advanced WYSIWYG article editor

WoodWing Studio

Screenshot of the SamsonVT Core application

An interactive, real-time 3D parts catalogue and work manual



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Software Engineer Consultant at Devoteam

- Present

During my time at Devoteam I have worked on the OpenDORA internal project. I developed features for the REST API in Go, created UI components in React/TypeScript and set up CICD pipelines in GitHub actions. Code was written with tests in mind and Docker images and Kubernetes Helm charts were created for easier deployment.

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Full-stack Engineer at WoodWing


Part of a high velocity, self managed team, I was responsible for developing features and upgrading legacy code in an enterprise content-creation software suite. This included building UI components and views in Angular 15, upgrading from AngularJS, creating APIs using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. During my role I guided other engineers to write declarative and reactive code with RxJS and also lead knowledge sharing sessions on AWS IAM security.

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Lead 3D Developer at SamsonVT


I played a key role in expanding the team to include 3D artists and content creation, as well as choosing a technical direction and approach for the visualization of 3D assets. I was responsible for creating the web interface with an interactive 3D viewer. This was developed using React and Styled-components with automated testing in Jest, Cypress and AWS CodeBuild.