NatWest Payments Hackathon 2019 - Winner of Most Socially Inclusive

For making our project 'Potpay' during the NatWest Payments Hackathon we won the category 'Most Socially Inclusive'. Our project focused on helping homeless people receive and organise donations using open banking APIs.

Hack Manchester 2019 - Winner of Best Student Team

As part of Team Red Summit we won the prize for the 'best student/next generation solution' during the 2019 Hack Manchester hackathon. We built an Alexa skill for vulnerable people to contact their ICE and the emergency services in different scenarios.

The Apollo GC Jam - 2019

I joined this game jam late into the month and so only allocated myself the weekend to work on it. The aim of this jam was to develop a game that could fit into the memory of the Apollo Guidance Computer (32k). I made a very basic 2D Minecraft clone where you can move, pick up and place blocks, and craft. It was written in QBasic for MS-DOS/DOSBox. The size of the game with the required BRUN45.EXE bundled and zipped came to 28,606 bytes but the game alone came to only 8,192 bytes!

Amsterdam 3D Hackathon 2019

With a team composed of complete strangers we managed to develop an idea for an interactive 3D neighbourhood planning application. I worked on the Unity implementation with the help from the UX designers, 3D specialists and architects on the team.

Global AI/MR bootcamp 2018 by Azure Thursday and Mix UG

A day listening to talks on different aspects of AI like vision and word vectors. The workshops were a nice introduction to Microsoft Azure, machine learning and computer vision.

HvA Hackathon Mobile Development 2018

At this hackathon we developed a prototype platform to help teachers manage students and enable easier donation/sponsor collection for the Kinder Postzegels fundraiser. We developed a website with a functioning back-end and database over the weekend with ideas for expansion.

Hack Manchester 2017

For this hackathon the goal was to create a complaint system, which would infuriate someone making a complaint. We developed a system to enter the complaints with gif images/animations instead of words.

Stockport Hackathon 2017

The idea that we developed for this hackathon was an interactive map to encorage community events in and around the stockport area.

Google HashCode 2017

This was the first tech competition/event I had attended as well as my first experience with trying to produce a solution/algorithm for a complex situation.